Hakim’s Odyssey

Book 2: From Turkey to Greece

Fabien Toulmé, and translated by Hannah Chute

A 2021 Foreword INDIES Book of the Year Award Finalist

“An incredible story about maintaining hope despite facing overwhelming odds.”


264 pages
6.5" × 9"

What choices would you make to reunite your family?

“You know, Haidi, we’re going on a trip. A really big trip to find our way to Mama.”

In exile and far from his homeland, Hakim finds a bit of hope in the birth of his son. But between unstable jobs and selling what he can in the streets, it’s hard to survive—and impossible for the family to stay together. Reluctantly separated from the woman he loves and alone with his child, Hakim will have to overcome incredible odds and seemingly impossible obstacles to reunite his family, which leads him to make the most difficult decision of his life.

Captivating and deeply moving, this second book of the critically acclaimed Hakim’s Odyssey follows the true story of a Syrian refugee as he tries to find his way in Turkey and then makes the perilous trek to what he hopes will be a more settled life in Europe.

“An incredible story about maintaining hope despite facing overwhelming odds.”
“This work powerfully brings home for readers the horrors of this global crisis and the impossible choices migrants must make.”
“Despite multiplying examples of inhumanity, the kindness of strangers proves lifesaving—and is restorative to readers, as well. With text deftly translated again by Chute, Toulmé once more portrays Hakim’s journey with resonating empathy.”

In addition to the three-part Hakim’s Odyssey series, Fabien Toulmé is also the creator of Ce n’est pas toi que j’attendais and Les Deux Vies de Baudouin. The first volume in the Hakim’s Odyssey series, Book 1: From Syria to Turkey, is now available from Graphic Mundi.